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Estate Planning

A well planned estate is a gift to you children!

Polaris helps clients understand and envision what they leave their heirs.  Whether it’s about their medical care as they age, or to help them achieve the desired distribution of their wealth when they pass away, spelling it out in an estate plan is essential.

We know it’s unpleasant to think about our own demise.  We like to compare it to bringing an umbrella to the picnic.  We know if we have it, we probably won’t need it, but if we leave it behind, it very well might rain!  Our well planned estate gets one more hassle taken care of, leaving us free to enjoy the rest of our life.

Through numerous devises such as wills and trusts, we can avoid the cost of probate, minimize death taxes, protect our heirs from lawsuits and divorce, and keep our private financial affairs out of the public realm.  With Long Term Care Insurance, medical care directives and a living will, we can fund our own custodial needs and tell our loved ones our wishes for our final days.

Polaris works with many local estate attorneys and insurance agents to be the coordinator and interpreter for these services.  We understand and recognize the needs, recommend a basic set of solutions and follow up to implement the legal work when it’s complete.

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