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Financial Planning

We provide Financial Planning services to our clients so they can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they are on a path of financial security. We help them understand what level of spending is sustainable with a reasonable level of confidence, structure their accounts to support their withdrawals, and warn them of financial mistakes that could jeopardize their future.

When a client retires, they go from accumulating investments (typically in their 401k) to withdrawing funds to live on. This can be a dramatic change. It initiates a completely new risk; the risk their accounts can be depleted. It also amplifies the downside of stock market declines because withdrawals compound these losses. Since most clients are used to their accounts supported by regular contributions, many are unprepared for these amplified downward fluctuations. A more risk adverse investment policy is needed.

In addition, at retirement, clients are often faced with moving huge sums of money between accounts, dealing with esoteric benefits like options and restricted stock, and selecting distribution schemes for their pensions. With such big decisions comes the possibility of big mistakes.

To address these risks, Polaris creates a Retirement Income Plan. In such a plan, we take inventory of all retirement benefits and devise a tax smart strategy to harvest their value. Next, we match a client’s spending needs against available sources of income, such as Pensions or Social Security. Shortfalls are made up through withdrawals from their IRAs or Investment accounts. The ultimate question is; does the client have enough assets, if managed prudently and productively, to live out their life in financial security? 

A well developed plan is a benchmark that can be used throughout retirement to:

  • Determine the ability of a portfolio to support planned withdrawals.
  • Compare planned withdrawals against actual withdrawals, quickly identifying budgetary problems before they become severe.
  • Illustrate the need for Life or Long Term Care Insurance.
  • Illustrate strategies to minimize income taxes.
  • Provide the basis for a well structured Estate Plan.

Our Retirement Income Plans become the framework for prudently and effectively utilizing the resources our clients have built up over their working careers.

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