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Polaris Advisors’ primary goal is to provide unbiased, honest and accurate financial advice. We are an independent firm, beholden to no one but our clients. Our compensation comes only from our clients and only so long as we continue to provide the service and excellence they expect. We put our client’s interest before our own, and work for them to find the answers they need while paying close attention to their costs, performance and the preservation of their wealth.

Within our client base are both institutions and individuals. The former can expect an enhanced level of reporting and accounting, as required by their boards and auditors.

For our individual clients, we provide a suite of services which can include Retirement Income Planning, guidance with their transition from work into retirement, analysis and recommendations with financial decisions about insurance or real estate transactions, tax advice, tax preparation and trust and estate planning.

Both receive the same disciplined investment management. Our portfolios match our client’s risk tolerance with their income needs, with an emphasis on minimizing risk. All accounts must comply with our proprietary investment models. These models are created to harvest the global economy with the least risk for any level of expected earnings. Big or small, client accounts are tested regularly against their models and periodically rebalanced to maintain tight standards of quality control. Our clients always know how they’re doing and how much risk is involved, because both are reported quarterly with meaningful comparisons to well known benchmarks. 

Accompanying these quarterly reports is our own “Letter to Clients.” Here we describe our philosophy, our assessment of current events, explain our results and expand on how our accounts are structured to address the risks we see. We do this all in layman’s terms, avoiding the “Wall Street Speak” that may mean little to those with other backgrounds.

We welcome your interest in our firm and encourage you to read on into our website and call us for a confidential complementary consultation. 

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