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As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Polaris does not require that you keep your assets in the custody of any specific firm, but we recommend the use of Fidelity’s brokerage firm, Fidelity's Institutional Brokerage Group (IBG).  Fidelity IBG provides a beneficial combination of safety, access to an unparalleled choice of money mangers, statements and reporting, account service, research, and portfolio management tools.     Fidelity IBG is an excellent platform on which to build and maintain our investment strategies.

We are happy working with your CPA or tax professional.  However, if you do not have a long-term relationship with a tax consultant, we recommend Ameritax for accurate and reasonably priced preparation of returns.  If you wish, you can have your return prepared by a professional employed by both Ameritax and Polaris Advisors.  In addition, Ameritax provides continued advice and a deep knowledge base for forward-looking tax planning.  Ameritax has many established arrangements serving local companies and unions, and offers a wealth of information about their employee benefits and retirement resources.

Local Insurance Consultants & General Agents

Established relationships with these firms provide Polaris invaluable assistance in the design and placement of life and long-term care insurance.  Whether a simple term policy or complex survivorship arrangement supporting an involved estate plan, these professionals augment the recommendations and service you receive.   Some of our partners are:

  1. Garity Associates
  2. The McCaffee Agency
  3. Larry Cotter Agency
  4. The Annuity Shoppe
  5. The Smith Companies

Local Estate Attorneys. We are pleased to work with your existing attorney to develop and implement your estate planning documents.  However, if your would like assistance in selecting an attorney for that purpose, we are here to help.  Knowing the issues involved, we can guide you toward cost-effective, sophisticated legal services.  We have no financial arrangement with any attorneys. Our emphasis is placed on offering you quality work for a reasonable price.

Research Services. Polaris makes extensive use of research in serving you. Unlike many investment salespeople, where the goal is to assist you in “making a lot of money,” the focus of Polaris is the minimization of risk.

We utilize research to develop the lowest risk strategy that we can employ to achieve your goals. This process is commonly called, “Modern Portfolio Theory,” a discipline developed by Markowitz, Miller, and Sharpe that won the 1990 Nobel Prize in Economics. Using diversification, we strive to remove as much of the risk as possible and seek out money managers who have established a history of consistency and strong risk control.

Some of our research services include:

  • Morningstar
  • Ibbotson Associates
  • Callan Associates
  • Standard and Poor’s
  • Value Line
  • Canon Bloch Carie
  • Bloomberg

Polaris strives to coordinate our partners to provide consistent and reliable answers to our your needs. Much like a modern corporation, where numerous professionals act in concert to achieve the company’s goals, we fill the role of your Chief Financial Officer, bringing together the skills and attention necessary to ensure your financial security.

Our goal is your goal—the peace of mind to know your financial matters are in good hands.

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